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We all start somewhere

     Gabriel Eduardo Brito, aka "GabyBoy", was born on September 19th, 1996 in Toronto, Ontario. Gabriel has been closely connected to the music industry ever since his birth due to his father Jorge Eduardo Brito, being an accomplished international singer-songwriter.


     Gabriel accompanied his father and witnessed him as he would triumph in countless festivals and contests throughout Ontario. At 2 years old Gabriel took his first step on a stage, as well as his first step in his musical career, with his father to sing in front of a live audience. At 5 years old he began performing on his own and rapidly gained momentum in popularity.


     Adopting the stage name "GabyBoy" (his childhood nickname) and finding a love for reggaeton music, he became an icon in Toronto's Latin Community. After releasing his first studio album at the age of 11, Gabriel and his family decide to uproot their lives from Toronto and move to Los Angeles to further pursue their goals.

Who is GabyBoy?




New grounds


New Sounds

     Adopting a new name, "Gabriel Boyér" to re-invent himself and exploring new musical combinations led him to create his hit single “El Feo Esta De Moda” that took Los Angeles by storm. This song brought him to stardom as audiences, radios, and television programs couldn't get enough of "El Feo Esta De Moda".


     He then followed up with club hit, "Menea" and a romantic bachata-banda, "Listo Para Amar". His wide range of sound and versatility continued to keep audiences intrigued in and out of Los Angeles.


     His music would bring him to cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, New York, and more to participate in the most esteemed latin music events such as the Latin Grammys, Latin Billboard Music Awards, and Premios Juventud. It is during this time that he also finishes and releases his 2nd studio album, "Evolucion", at the age of 17.


new passion

     Throughout his musical career, GabyBoy has earned many accolades both within and outside the music industry. Whether by charity, political, or musical merit, GabyBoy has always contributed heavily to his culture and community.


     A prime example of this is his award winning song "Linda Bandera", a duet with his father, Jorge Eduardo Brito, dedicated to their homeland Ecuador. The song resonated with many and won "Song of the Year" award at the Premios Unidad Awards in New York. The success of "Linda Bandera" was so great that they decided to go to Ecuador. There they traveled to every major city, radio station, and television channel with their song that was very positively received. While in Ecuador, GabyBoy and Jorge Eduardo Brito carry out charitable gestures of their own, visiting a poor village in the mountain to provide for the young.


     GabyBoy also lands among the top 100 boys in Los Angeles in the reality show "La Banda".

     GabyBoy hit the ground running in Los Angeles. After a debut performance at the Latin Grammy Street Parties he auditioned and entered the reality show “Tengo Talento, Mucho Talento”, competing against other talents in front of esteemed judges Héctor Suárez, Paty Manterola, and Pepe Garza, all icons in the latin music and acting industry.


     As the show progressed and contestants became eliminated, GabyBoy consistently received praise from both the audience and the judges. Although he didn’t make it to the final round, GabyBoy left the show on a very high note and continued working on his musical projects.

     GabyBoy continued working and fine tuning his musical identity and he knew that his next project would set a new standard for himself. This would be the song that would later take him beyond Los Angeles to leave his mark on cities around the United States of America.

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new psychology

     At 22 years of age, Gabriel has successfully achieved many of the goals he has set for his careers. As an actor, he has landed features in Film and Television as he continues to refine his skills in acting. Academically he has successfully completed his Honours B.A Psychology Degree and has started working with children in middle schools all over Toronto as a "Big Brother" with Big Brother Big Sister Toronto.


     In his musical career, GabyBoy writes and releases his latest tracks "Loca". A club reggaeton fusion that is the truest form of his sound to date. The vision behind the music video's aesthetic and story was created by GabyBoy and released with a huge party at the same club it was filmed in. This music video won "Music Video of the Year" at the 2019 Ecuadorian Music Awards a long with "Artist of the Year". GabyBoy also releases "Sacude", a song with latin-islander flavour ready to get people dancing.


     GabyBoy continues to make his presence known in highly esteemed events in the music industry. Another visit to the coveted Latin BMI Awards in Los Angeles and returns back to Canada with a nomination as an established Musical Vocalist in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

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